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Hi, I'm an italian guy who loves everything about photography. I'm 29 years old and I live in a little heaven called "Poets' gulf" in the east part of Liguria (italy) I started shooting some years ago, with an old reflex film camera, then I bought my first digital camera. It was a minolta dimage s414 and now I shoot with my new nikon d50. The passion for this art has also grown thanks to my friend photographer Duz. He teach me lots of things and together we spent good times taking photos and shooting everythings. From some times I enjoy to visit various photoblogs on the net, and so I decided to create this one. This is my first photoblog, I write it by myself in php and when I was near to finished it I discovered PixelPost existence (DOH!!!) ... I hope you enjoy it.. my dream/purpose is to improve my technique or it's better to say to learn take some good photos :-)

Thank you for visit my photoblog, please post any comments, suggestions you have as I hope to learn and improve from your critique as well.. Don't forget to post your web site url if you have one so that I can visit your pages.. have a nice view

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